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How Dr. Griffin Revolutionizes the Kybella Double Chin Treatment

How many times have you deleted a candid photo because you were unhappy with your profile? It happens to us all. The neck and chin area is one of the most difficult spots to lose fat, even with a great diet and regular exercise. Because double-chins develop with the aging process, weight gain, or genetics, they are very common and can be frustratingly hard to get rid of.  

Once upon a time, if you were interested in getting rid of a moderate to severe double-chin, you would have to undergo plastic surgery or liposuction. That means pain, discomfort, downtime, a big price tag… the list goes on.   

Thanks to Kybella, there is now a third option that is quick, minimally-invasive, and effective. With Kybella, we aren’t afraid to smile for the camera or even flaunt our profile!  

What is the Kybella Double-Chin Treatment? 

Kybella is the first treatment that can minimize the appearance of a double-chin without taxing and invasive procedures. This treatment uses deoxycholic acid (a compound found naturally in the body) to destroy fat cell membranes and create a softer silhouette around your chin and neck.  

While this treatment can work wonders for many struggling with their double-chin, choosing the right practitioner to perform the procedure is crucial to achieving the best results with minimal bruising, swelling, pain, and lasting discomfort.   

Here are Dr. Griffin’s expert strategies for providing her patients with the best experience and results possible during a Kybella Double-Chin Treatment!  

No More Needles  

For treatments like Kybella, needles are a thing of the past. While needles get the job done, there is less flexibility, more injection sites, and inevitably more negative side-effects involved. With needles, you need to undergo a whopping 12 injections per vial! The more injections, the more swelling, bruising, and discomfort.   

Here at The G Spa, we use micro-cannulas instead! A micro-cannula is a flexible, tiny, hollow tube perfectly-designed to introduce the treatment to the targeted area. Micro-cannula injections are the current best practices for injected treatments because they require fewer injections for treating a large area. With a standard Kybella treatment, Dr. Griffin only needs two entry sites to get the job done.   

On top of that, the tip of a micro-cannula is rounded instead of sharp. Instead of piercing blood vessels as a needle would, a micro-cannula simply pushes them out of the way! This significantly cuts down on bleeding, swelling, pain, and other annoying side effects of excessive tissue trauma.  

Less Pain  

Dr. Griffin dramatically reduces both pain and discomfort with a simple mixture of Kybella and an anti-inflammatory solution. Adding this touch of corticosteroid to Kybella markedly reduces the discomfort of the product.  

Kybella starts to work immediately after injection to melt your fat. So, some pain or burning occurs within a minute or so, lasts about 10-15 minutes, and is followed by some achy discomfort for an hour. However, with corticosteroids added, all of this is markedly reduced, and most patients need nothing for pain and are ready to “get off the table” almost immediately. And for those who want a little extra relief, a simple dose of Acetaminophen can get the job done!  

Minimal Swelling  

One of the biggest hindrances to getting Kybella is the few days of swelling that one endures following injection. While you can’t fully escape swelling, Dr. Griffin’s expert practices of using corticosteroids and micro-cannulas significantly reduce lasting swelling. Instead of hiding from any important events for a few days post-treatment, it will be difficult for friends and family to know that you had a procedure performed that day!   

Bonus: It’s Now the Affordable Choice!  

One reason Kybella did not become an instant hit as an alternative double-chin solution was that it was originally priced too high. If a patient required multiple treatments, then they tended to opt for a surgical neck lift, which would have cost the same and had similar results. 

Now, Kybella is available at a much lower price. Couple that with less pain, swelling, and time spent on the treatment, and Kybella becomes more desirable than invasive surgery for many patients. 

Are you ready to take the next step and get rid of your double chin? Then call us or visit our website to set up a Kybella consultation today! 


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