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Custom Chemical Peels

Whether you want to hit the reset button on your face or body, The G Spa offers several medical-grade chemical peels for your specific needs. These peels accelerate skin regeneration, ridding your face and body of old, tired-looking skin to uncover a beautiful and glowing complexion.

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Bring your facial to the next level with our Hydrafacial treatments at the G Spa in Los Olivos. Unlike traditional facials, these medical-grade facials are performed via device rather than by hand, for deeper penetration and longer lasting results. Deeply cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin for a fresh and nourished glow.

Or call us now at (805) 682-4772.


Chemical peeling is a procedure that aims to accelerate skin exfoliation with the use of physician-approved chemical substances resulting in renewed, healthier looking skin and a more uniform complexion.

Vitalize Peel

This peel by SkinMedica renews dry, dull and photodamaged skin by combining the benefits of alpha-hydroxy and retinoic acid with a unique blend of cosmeceuticals to create one of our most popular rejuvenating treatments. Two to five days of moderate peeling can be expected.

The Vitalize Peel penetrates the skin’s surface to thoroughly and evenly exfoliate the epidermis and reveal healthier, more youthful looking skin with a smoother texture and more uniform color.

During the peel you may feel a very mild tingling or warmth as the solution is applied to the skin and for as long as it remains on your face.  Once it has been neutralized, you will no longer feel the sensation.

Rejuvenize Peel

This peel is for moderate to severe skin imperfections. It is our strongest formulation that targets the deeper layers of the epidermis for enhanced exfoliation. Though you will see wonderful results after just one peel, 3 to 6 peels are recommended. Two to five days of moderate peeling can be expected. 

PCA Sensi Peel

Sensi Peel is formulated as a unique peeling option for all patients, including those with highly sensitive skin. This gentle 6% TCA solution will improve surface texture and brighten the skin while helping to promote an even skin tone. This is a multi-faceted and skin-brightening treatment.

PCA Peel with Hydroquinone and Resorcinol

The most potent, enhanced Jessner’s formula, this peel will help improve the appearance of skin tone and provide exfoliation for oilier, thicker and more resilient skin types. It is also effective for those who require deeper treatment.

PCA Body Peel

Help your body look as radiant and as ageless as your face. Ideal for treating acne outbreaks on the body, improving skin tone and texture and fading sun spots, freckles and unclogging pores. The PCA chemical peel for the body is appropriate for first-time body chemical peel clients or those looking for a gentle, superficial chemical peel to polish and brighten their skin. 

Hydrafacial Los Olivos

Hydrafacial uses Vortex-Fusion Technology to gently but effectively exfoliate skin while driving active ingredients deep into the skin for immediate results. The hand-held device works like a vacuum to open pores for a deep cleanse and easy extraction of impurities and dead skin cells.  It also allows the active ingredients penetrate deeper, for the most effective treatment possible. 

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