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The Secret to Exceptional Beauty

Many people notice stunning lips or breathtaking eyes, but what many underestimate is the beauty a perfectly contoured, balanced jawline brings to a face. 

A well-defined jawline lifts the face and enhances all of the facial features. Some people are blessed with a beautiful sharp jawline (think Angelina Jolie or Johnny Depp), however, the rest of us aren’t quite as lucky.

To make matters worse, our jawlines naturally lose definition over time. As we age, our jawline will appear less slim and sleek, and we may even see jowls appear.

In the past, the only way to transform your jawline was to undergo expensive surgery. Today, you can tweak your jawline in a number of ways without any surgery whatsoever.  

Here at the G Spa, we can make your jawline sharper, softer, or stronger in minutes! A jawline contour treatment involves using injectables to reenergize the face and sculpt out a stunning new jawline.

Or call us now at (805) 682-4772.

All About Our Jawline Contour Treatment

Our most popular treatment for addressing jawline concerns is Jawline Filler. So let’s talk about how exactly that works!

Hyaluronic acid fillers provide more substance and structure if you’ve lost volume in the jawline or chin. They can create more definition between the jaw and neck. Jawline Filler brings a beautiful balance to the face and is completely customized to your needs!

Design Your Ideal Face Shape

Here at the G Spa, our experts have an intimate understanding of the facial anatomy that allows them to alter the jawline and chin however you like. They can make your jawline appear…

  • Softer and more feminine
  • Stronger and more masculine
  • Symmetrical and flawless
  • More defined for that “snatched” and slim look

They can also add definition to a “weak chin.” Whatever your preferences may be, we will customize your treatment plan accordingly.

With no surgery and minimal downtime, having a jawline contour treatment is an easy decision. Say goodbye to your elaborate contouring makeup routine, and say hello to a truly fabulous jawline.

Results You’ll Love

Our Commitment to Natural Results

Some people hesitate to get injectables because they think the result will be unnatural-looking. If you choose a good provider, this is absolutely not the case. At The G Spa, it’s our first priority to give you beautiful results without giving you a “fake” or overdone appearance.

Dr. Griffin and her team know how to make you look like your best self without making you look like somebody else. They have 23 years of combined experience with injectables and have helped countless patients enhance their jawlines.

See For Yourself

Sometimes, seeing is believing. Watch as Dr. Griffin transforms this patient’s jawline in just a few minutes…

Other Jawline Contouring Treatments


The masseters are those muscles at the back of the jaw, and their size can significantly change your appearance. If your masseters are too bulky, we can relax them with Botox.

Not only will Botox give you a slimmer, more feminine jawline, but those patients with TMJ problems will see a sharp decrease in tooth pain, jaw stiffness, and headaches.


Hate your double chin? Kybella can destroy unwanted fat cells to reveal a youthful, defined jawline.

Jaw Contouring in Santa Barbara: Your Questions, Answered

What is the process like?

  1. You’ll attend a free consultation, where we will assess your jawline and prepare a custom treatment plan based on your goals. 
  2. On treatment day, we will numb the area with a local or topical anesthetic.
  3. We’ll mark the injection sites according to our plan for your perfect jawline.
  4. Finally, we’ll inject the chosen product(s) into the indicated injection sites.

Your jawline contour treatment will only take about 30 minutes of your time.  

Who is a candidate for jawline contouring?

Most healthy individuals are eligible for jawline contouring. Individuals with medical conditions like bleeding disorders should avoid having a jawline contour treatment. Smokers may also be at risk for greater complications from cosmetic injections.  

When will I see results?

You will see results in six weeks. Dermal fillers produce an instant improvement, but you’ll continue to see improvements for 6-8 weeks.

For Kybella, the deoxycholic acid in Kybella will destroy the fat cells and the body will shed them naturally over the course of six weeks. Botox results will show up after six weeks, once the masseter muscles shrink down. 

How long will the results last?

While every patient is different, jawline filler can last up to one year. 

Is it safe?

A jawline contour treatment is regarded as very safe with no harsh side effects. In fact, injecting the lower portion of the face may be even safer than injecting other areas of the face, because there are fewer blood vessels in the lower face.

At the end of the day, an educated and experienced injector is going to ensure your wellbeing.

Does it hurt?

You may notice some pressure with each injection, but you might be pleasantly surprised by your jawline contouring experience. Most patients find that it isn’t painful at all. However, you may be a little sore at the injection sites after the fact, once the numbing cream wears off.

What is recovery like?            

Because this treatment is nonsurgical, there is little to no recovery afterward. Wait 24-48 hours to consume alcohol or engage in strenuous exercise. You can continue to work and live your life, but keep in mind you may see some mild swelling, tenderness, and redness. These side effects will disappear after 48-72 hours, but if you want to take it easy for a day or two, that’s up to you.    

Are there side effects or risks?

Common side effects include minor discomfort, swelling, and redness. Fortunately, complications from jawline contouring treatment are extremely rare and by following your medical providers lead and instructions you can help minimize the potential of after effects.

Show Off That Sleek Jawline

Why wait another year to start loving your jawline?

When it comes to aesthetic treatments on your face, you need a provider you can really trust. The G Spa is a top cosmetic provider in Santa Barbara, and we specialize in providing high-quality, FDA-approved, natural-looking jawline contouring treatments. Call us now at (805) 682-4772.

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