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Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty in Santa Barbara

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Straighten and Smooth Out Bumps with a Non-Surgical Nose Job In Santa Barbara

Call it what you want – a liquid nose job, a nonsurgical nose job, or a 15-minute miracle: It’s the perfect way to modify your nose without surgery.

The nonsurgical rhinoplasty has seen a surge of popularity on social media because it’s the first way to alter the nose without traditional rhinoplasty. There’s no cutting, stitching, or healing involved. Alternatively, this treatment is the best way to “try out” a new nose before you decide if permanent nose job is right for you.

A nonsurgical rhinoplasty can treat any minor cosmetic flaws, including…

• Nasal bumps or humps 
• Drooping or “hooked” nose tip 
• Nasal asymmetries 
• Dips, divots, or depressions in the nose 
• Asymmetrical nostrils 
• Flat nasal bridge

Results are impressive and last about 18 months. Best of all, a nonsurgical rhinoplasty generally costs just 25% of what an average surgical rhinoplasty costs.  

If the appearance of your nose bothers you, come experience the magic of nonsurgical nose job here at The G Spa.

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What is a nonsurgical rhinoplasty and how does it work?

A nonsurgical rhinoplasty is an artistic process executed with fillers. Your expert will inject tiny microdroplets of hyaluronic acid dermal filler (like Restylane or Juvéderm) to enhance the nose shape.

It may sound counterintuitive, but adding a little volume can actually make the nose appear smaller. By injecting the filler into precise locations, we can make the nose appear straighter and more symmetrical. After treatment, your nose will blend better with your other facial features, and it will look less prominent. 

Our patients sit back and relax while we clean the surface of the nose and numb the skin. We will map out the nose and then use a thin needle to introduce the filler. We will carefully sculpt the nose until we achieve your ideal shape. The entire procedure takes only 10-15 minutes, and you’ll leave our office with instantaneous results.

Results You’ll Love

Our Philosophy on Fillers

As we use volumizing fillers to design a more attractive nose, our philosophy is that fillers should be subtle… never overdone! Dr. Griffin is an expert at highlighting your natural and unique beauty. Our accomplished providers have both outstanding professional skills and genuine compassion for our patients.

Non-Surgical Nose Job In Santa Barbara: Your Questioned, Answered

Want to learn more about the nonsurgical nose job? Santa Barbara patients often ask the following questions…

Am I a candidate for a 15-minute nose job?

Patients who need significant structural changes will not qualify for a nonsurgical rhinoplasty. If you would like to improve your breathing or reduce recurring sinus infections, traditional rhinoplasty is a more appropriate choice. 

On the other hand, patients who are in good general health and want to improve minor aesthetic concerns are likely candidates for the 15-minute nose job.

Does it hurt?

It’s natural to wonder whether the treatment will be painful. A liquid nose job can cause a little discomfort, but most practices apply ice and/or topical creams before treatment. Many fillers also have lidocaine in them, which will further increase your comfort. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, but most patients say they feel a little pinch and pressure.   

What results can I expect from a nonsurgical rhinoplasty? 

A nonsurgical rhinoplasty can change the shape and size of your nose tip or nasal bridge. It can correct asymmetries or hollows, and smooth out the appearance of nasal bumps. Results will appear immediately after treatment.

How long does a nonsurgical rhinoplasty last?

Unlike a surgical rhinoplasty, the 15-minute nose job is not a permanent fix, but it does last for about 18 months. The filler is naturally absorbed by the body over time.

Are nonsurgical nose jobs safe?

A nonsurgical rhinoplasty is very safe when performed by a qualified professional. It is a technically challenging procedure, so it is essential that you choose a physician who is deeply familiar with the anatomy and has plenty of experience with the treatment.

What are the side effects of a nonsurgical nose job? 

You may experience minor redness, swelling, and bruising, but these reactions will subside after a few days. There’s no need to take time away from your work or daily activities.

It’s important to note that, like with all injectable treatments, it’s important to choose an experienced provider — like the ones here at The G Spa. Being treated by a quality injector ensures you experience a safe treatment and exceptional results.

Get a Straighter, More Balanced Nose

Ready to learn more about a nonsurgical rhinoplasty? It’s time to talk to our experts here at The G Spa. We can’t wait to sit down with you to assess your nose and determine the best option for treatment. Give us a call at (805) 682-4772 today – we look forward to meeting you!

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