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How to get rid of tech neck

How to Get Rid of Tech Neck

We love necklaces. Long and beautiful charms, dramatic gems, or short and classic chains – there’s no wrong style. But a necklace of wrinkles? No thank you. 

Everyone will eventually develop signs of aging on their neck. Our necks get just about as much sun and weather exposure as our faces, yet many people don’t think to include their neck and chest in their anti-aging skincare routine. (PSA: Treat the skin on your neck the same way you treat the skin on your face! You will thank yourself in the long run.) 

On top of that, with office jobs, computer time, and cellphone usage at an all-time high, our heads tend to stay in the same position (staring at a computer screen) several hours out of the day. 

This exposure, lack of protection, and extended screen time create the perfect recipe for the premature aging of our necks. Whether you want to prevent future wrinkles or combat existing signs of aging, there are treatments you can try to preserve or bring back the look of a youthful neckline. 

Necklace lovers rejoice! 

What is Tech Neck? 

“Tech Neck” is the cute little nickname given to the signs of aging your neck experiences after extensive time spent in front of a screen. Because we tend to look down at our computer when working a desk job, we are constantly creating creases in our necks.  

At first, these creases disappear when we look up from our screens. But eventually, these creases stick around long after the office closes for the day. This extended screen time and the natural aging process can also take a toll on the laxity of skin, leading to a dull, sagging, or crepey complexion. 

Preventing Tech Neck 

As with all signs of aging, prevention is much easier than treating existing issues. If you want to nip tech neck in the bud, there are a few steps you can take to preserve the youth of your neck. 

Stay out of the sun! Maybe you’ve heard this one before (about a million times), but the extended amounts of sun exposure will not be your friend in the long run. Keep your neck covered and luxuriate in the shade! 

If you do spend time in the sun, never skimp on solar protection. Future you will thank present you for so many reasons, beyond signs of aging. To keep your skin safe and protected, wear the big sun hats and constantly reapply sunscreen. 

Weather protection is key. Other extreme weather besides the sun can dry out your skin. Protect your fragile neck skin from the elements! Wear scarves and bundle on especially cold or windy days.  

The antiaging routine you have for your face needs to extend to your chest. Yes, maybe you want to conserve your expensive skincare products, but you will save time and money in the long run by preventing signs of aging on your most delicate skin. 

Fix your posture! Tech neck is caused by extended amounts of time with your neck bent at “computer screen angle,” which usually means looking down. Stop those lines from forming by positioning your screens higher and improving your posture when looking at screens. (This goes for your phone screen, too!) 

Treating Tech Neck 

We don’t want anyone feeling a lack of confidence due to the aging of their neckline. If you’re past the prevention stage and want to turn back the clock on your neck, have no fear. The G Spa offers amazing options for treating tech neck, tailored to the signs of aging you want to target.  

Hyper-dilute Radiesse for restoring a youthful look 

Hyper-dilute Radiesse is a premier solution to combatting multiple signs of aging on your neck. This miracle treatment has volumizing and collagen-regenerating properties that fight fine lines, crepiness, and sagging skin, leaving you with a fuller, smoother look. Using hyper-dilute Radiesse leads to the perfect balance of filling out skin without creating unnatural bumps that a thicker filler could leave.  

Botox for prevention 

Depending on where your wrinkles are located, treatments like Botox and Dysport can be a great strategy for slowing down signs of aging on your neck. These neurotoxic proteins treat lines and prevent new ones by freezing the muscles that cause wrinkles in your skin. 

Fillers for combatting necklace lines 

Those deep, long lines that sit across your neck like an unwanted choker necklace are a common concern among our patients. These lines can be expertly treated with filler injections, which can penetrate and smooth out these creases, as well as promote collagen production for quick results that also improve over time. 

The ultimate neck rejuvenation 

While these treatments will improve the youthful appearance of your neck by themselves, we may recommend a mix of multiple treatments for more noticeable results. This can create a dramatic restoration of the skin on your neck, and create longer-term prevention of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.  

For example, one of our most popular treatment combos includes using hyper-dilute Radiesse and Belotero filler to plump the skin on your neck, tighten skin, combat wrinkles, and create an overall youthful appearance. 

Tired of tech neck? Us too. So, let us help you restore a youthful, smooth look to your neckline! Reach out to The G Spa to schedule a consultation and find the perfect solution tailored to your needs.  

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