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Hair Loss in Santa Barbara

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At The G Spa, we use Platelet-Rich Fibrin techniques for treating hair loss.

The ez PRF system

ezPRF is a system designed to create Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) from your patient. ezPRF is completely autologous as there are no additives or anticoagulants.


PRF is the next iteration of PRP, which is also now being used to rejuvenate thinning hair. PRF contains a higher concentration of platelets, white blood cells, and fibrin. The blood collection process for both PRP and PRF is the same. The centrifugation process is where they differ. PRP is spun at a much faster rate to separate red blood cells from plasma, and filters out some platelets, white blood cells, and stem cells. PRF uses a slower spinning process, allowing the desired cells to be brought to the surface and collected.

ez PRF for Hair Stimulation

The effects of PRF work long after the first injection, making the dormant follicles regenerate and thicken existing hair follicles. Patients report feeling a pinch at the insertion point followed by a stinging sensation that only lasts for as long as it takes to inject the plasma. There may be swelling, bruising, and tenderness at the injection site for the first few days after treatment. New hair growth can be seen in as little as six weeks and about three cycles of treatment are suggested to get the full effect.

Exosomes For hair restoration

Exosomes Hair Restoration is a regenerative therapy that utilizes stem cell exosomes to stimulate hair follicles and trigger new hair growth. Because exosomes foster cell-to-cell communication, they can transfer genetic information to cells within the damaged tissue using their more than 200 signaling proteins. These messages promote survival and regeneration within the tissue cells.This cutting edge hair restoration therapy involves injecting the exosomes into the affected areas of the scalp to help stimulate hair regrowth.

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Micro-Needling with PRP-F

The ezPRF Platelet-Rich Fibrin system can be combined with micro-needling and used for hair stimulation. Micro-needling with PRF utilizes the regenerative potential of a patient’s own blood to stimulate hair growth. When platelets are extracted and applied to hair follicles, they trigger hair regrowth.

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