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Carbon Laser Peel In Santa Barbara

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The Zero-Recovery Laser Treatment

We all want glassy skin. In 2020, almost two million Americans got noninvasive skin treatments, including laser therapy.

Lasers are a highly effective option, but they require several weeks of peeling and recovery – and let’s be honest, few of us have a flexible enough schedule to allow for that!

At The G Spa, We offer a better solution. The carbon laser peel is far from a traditional chemical peel. This gentle laser treatment helps with acne, oily skin, uneven skin tone, large pores, and more.

During a carbon laser peel, we apply a carbon solution as well as a gentle laser to create a mild peeling effect. This treatment won’t penetrate the skin too deeply, so recovery time is faster than any other laser therapy – but the results are comparably stunning!

Or call us now at (805) 682-4772.

All About Carbon Laser Peeling

A carbon laser peel includes 2-3 parts.

carbon laser peel Santa Barbara

Carbon solution: First, we will apply a high carbon-content cream to the skin, and allow it to sit for several minutes. As it dries, the cream bonds with dirt, oil, and other impurities, extracting them from the skin’s surface.

Warming laser (optional): For some patients, we recommend a warming laser to gently heat the carbon and enhance the detoxification process.

Pulsed laser: The final step of the carbon laser peel is using a gentle pulsed laser to destroy the carbon particles along with the bacteria, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other pollutants. At the same time, the laser creates micro-injuries in the skin, which signal the body to begin its natural healing processes.

The carbon laser peel only takes 30 minutes, but it initiates long-term cell turnover and collagen and elastin production for healthier skin. Results include…

  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighter pores
  • Reduced blackheads and whiteheads
  • Lighter scars and dark spots
  • Better skin texture
  • Brighter skin
  • Less oily skin
  • Clear, fresh, new skin

Results You’ll Love

Our Commitment to Natural Results

Dr. Griffin implements the latest noninvasive technologies to guarantee the most natural results. Carbon laser peels simply harness your body’s natural abilities to heal the skin. Because the process is real, the results are real – you’ll look the same, but smoother and brighter.

See For Yourself

Sometimes, seeing is believing. Watch as Dr. Griffin transforms our patients’ skin in just a few minutes…

Carbon Laser Peel in Santa Barbara: Your Questions, Answered

What is the process like?

The carbon laser peel is well-known for being virtually painless. The laser is gentle and the sensation is minimal, so you won’t need any numbing cream. You’ll be able to leave the office immediately after it’s over.

Who is a candidate for a carbon laser peel?

A carbon laser peel is perfect for men or women with dull skin, enlarged pores, acne, and/or oily skin. It also works wonders for people with minor wrinkling or dark spots. It’s best for busy patients who want the best of both worlds: excellent results and zero recovery time.

When will I see results?

You’re going to see evident results after just one carbon laser peel. You can continue to receive treatments to enhance your results over the course of four to five sessions.

Is it safe?

The carbon laser peel is safe for all skin types. Besides temporary mild swelling and redness, adverse side effects are almost nonexistent.

Does it hurt?

Because the laser used in a carbon laser peel does not penetrate the skin very deeply, the procedure is well-known for being painless. So, if the fear of pain has kept you away from lasers in the past, a carbon laser peel may be the right choice for you.

What is recovery like?            

While recovery from ablative laser treatment can take a full three weeks, there is NO true recovery time associated with a carbon laser peel. Some patients report 1-2 weeks of mild skin sensitivity, but there’s no need to take off work or alter your lifestyle.

Are there side effects or risks?

Carbon peeling is considered revolutionary in the laser industry because it minimizes side effects. Bruises, blistering, and infection are considered very rare.

How long will the results last?

Most patients note that the brighter, smoother skin lasts for a few years. Over time, new wrinkles, age spots, or acne scars will occur, at which time you may consider retreatment.

The Gentle Route to Tighter, Brighter, & Clearer Skin

Carbon suspension combined with laser treatment is one of the best-known ways to improve skin quality without significant downtime. The evidence is there – in the case of one 42-year-old woman, carbon laser facials show a significant reduction in skin pore size with no severe adverse events.

This two-part treatment instantly reduces skin imperfections, leaving visibly healthier skin. If you have a special event coming up, or want to feel more confident without makeup, you can get a quick glow with a carbon laser peel. Call us now at (805) 682-4772 today.

Carbon Laser Peel Santa Barbara | Carbon Laser Peel in Santa Barbara

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