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How EMSCULPT NEO Beats the Body Sculpting Competition

Sometimes, guts can get in the way.   

We feel it when we’re trying on a new pair of jeans, testing out a new exercise class, or getting ready for a fancy night out – our bodies may not be where we want them to be. Even with our best efforts in the gym or the kitchen, aging, new stresses, injuries, and busy schedules can lead to unwanted fat and a lack of healthy-looking muscle tone.   

This isn’t a rare problem. People of all genders, ages, weights, and fitness levels want to feel fitter, more toned, and stronger. 60% of women and a whopping 90% of men are interested in fat reduction and muscle toning treatments. So, if you’re not 100% happy with your body, you are not alone. 

From gaining more body confidence to seeing your abs again, there are several reasons to try a toning treatment. With so many sculpting treatments available, it can be hard to separate the options that will offer real results from the ones that are all talk. With the astounding benefits that EMSCULPT NEO offers, we are confident that this one will help you reach your ideal results. So, let’s dive in! 

The Skinny on EMSCULPT NEO  

EMSCULPT NEO is the new rising star of body sculpting. Even though EMSCULPT NEO is fairly new to the market, this revolutionary treatment is popping up in medical spas across the nation because people are so ecstatic with their results. So, why is this amazing treatment an overnight success?  

EMSCULPT NEO uses both radiofrequency and high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves to heat the internal temperature of muscles and cause thousands of maximal muscle contractions in one quick session. Here’s the big difference: EMSCULPT NEO outperforms its competitors by using technology that simultaneously melts fat and builds muscle for an overall stronger and more toned appearance. 

One single EMSCULPT NEO treatment encompasses:  

  • A muscle-building treatment   
  • A fat-burning treatment  
  • And an RF skin-tightening treatment  

all in a quick 30-minute span. Because this cutting-edge technology targets both fat and muscle, EMSCULPT NEO is a 3-in-1 treatment that saves time and money for those who want the whole package. 

But wait – there’s more 

Unassisted, it’s difficult to do a few hundred sit-ups in 30 minutes. With EMSCULPT NEO, you can do the equivalent of 20,000. Move over Superman, these superpowers are available to everyone! You can target your biceps, calves, abs, and butt with applicators that are designed to offer the best possible results to each muscle group. 

 EMSCULPT NEO treatments result in an average of 25% more muscle and 30% less fat in the targeted areas. These are results that you will notice every time you see your new muscles. 

This treatment is painless, quick, and is done lying down on your stomach or back. You will feel the treatment at work when your muscles contract – many patients find the sensation fun and even thrilling. After the treatment, your muscles will feel accomplished and you get to experience that post-workout glow, all while skipping a long and grueling workout. 

The Competitors  

CoolSculpting is a body sculpting treatment that has been around longer than EMSCULPT NEO. Because of this, it has a long-standing respectable reputation as a fat freezer. Many people who aren’t interested in researching new treatments may jump straight to this option.   

But what if you want to do more than just burn fat?  

To get the same muscle-building and fat-burning effects of EMSCULPT NEO, you would also need to undergo CoolTone treatments, which focus on building muscle, but they don’t burn (or freeze) fat.   

That means double the treatments, double the time taken out of your schedule, and double the spending. And after all of that, you still don’t get the benefits of an RF skin treatment. That’s a lot of extra time and money for less of an impact.  

There is nothing else on the market that offers the same number of benefits and the truly impressive results that EMSCULPT NEO has provided so many new patients.   

The Winner is Clear  

To get the same results as EMSCULPT NEO, you need to book a fat burning treatment, a muscle toning treatment, and an RF skin treatment. That’s 3x the appointments, 3x the time, and a much higher cost. That’s not much of a deal – so schedule the single treatment that can do it all! 

When you undergo regular, consistent sessions and see this treatment through, you will be astounded by how your body can transform. That’s why The G Spa is offering the EMSCULPT NEO gym! Signing up for The G Spa EMSCULPT NEO gym membership includes several planned treatments a year at a special membership price. If you know you’re all in with EMSCULPT NEO, this is the perfect option for you.   

It’s pretty safe to say that most people would like more of an impact for less money and less time. When you’re ready to feel confident in your strength, skin, and body, reach out to The G Spa team to schedule an appointment! 

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