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EZ Gel in Santa Barbara

Introducing EZ Gel: a 100% natural, bio-stimulating gel made from your body’s own proteins and growth factors.

EZ Gel is a natural filler alternative offered by The G Spa in Santa Barbara!

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EZ Gel: A natural filler alternative

What is EZ Gel?

EZ Gel is a 100% natural, regenerative bio-stimulating gel designed using your body’s own proteins and growth factors to stimulate collagen production.

How does EZ Gel work?

EZ Gel is created through a process of blending the growth factors of liquid EZ PRF (PRF) with Plasma Albumin. This is accomplished by centrifuging and heating a whole blood sample without the use of chemicals or alterations. EZ Gel offers a flexible and innovative consistency, allowing the viscosity of the gel to adjust to different treatment areas.


How does EZ Gel stimulate rejuvenation?

EZ Gel is completely autologous and natural, blending Seroalbumin and Growth Factors. The human body has a remarkable ability to generate specific proteins and growth factors for self-healing. EZ Gel harnesses these natural materials from our blood to create a special mix of proteins and growth factors, enhancing the regenerative process of various cell types and tissues. This leads to outstanding results in skin rejuvenation. With its prolonged release of growth factors and bio-stimulation, EZ Gel stands out as an organic, beautifying gel.

Frequently Asked Questions: EZ Gel

How long does the procedure take?

The EZ Gel treatment can be completed in under 30 minutes.

Is EZ Gel for everyone?

Yes! Ez Gel is tolerated by most patients. It’s the safest gel on the market since it’s made with your own proteins and growth factors!

What can EZ Gel do?

Ez Gel treats symmetry, deep acne scarring, stimulates collagen production and reduces the signs of aging!

When will I see results?

You can expect to see some results immediately! Talk to your provider for the number of treatments you will need.

EZ Gel: For Under Eye Area

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