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UltraShape™ Painless Body Contouring

Do you have stubborn belly fat? Is diet and exercise just not doing the job? Then UltraShape™ is perfect for you!

UltraShape™ is a non-invasive body contouring procedure that’s FDA-cleared to treat areas of fat on the stomach that have been resistant to diet and exercise. Unlike other body contouring options, UltraShape™ is virtually painless and has a 96% customer satisfaction rating. During treatment, the ultrasound waves work together with your body’s natural processes. The machine delivers ultrasound technology through a handheld device placed on the targeted area, which causes the fat cells to burst. The destroyed fat cells are eliminated through the same natural physiological pathways that process them during normal weight loss.Before and After photo of reduced belly fat from UltraShape - not liposuction

Ideal UltraShape™ candidates are active men and women who have become frustrated by their results with diet and exercise. No matter how many crunches you’ve done or how many salads you’ve eaten, there is still a layer of fat hanging on around your belly. UltraShape™ can helps you slim down. Lose those extra two inches you’ve been killing yourself to get rid of, and fit into your favorite skinny jeans! UltraShape™ can help other problem areas too, like under your arms or inner thighs.

The procedure as a whole is typically 3 treatments 2 to 4 weeks apart. While the treatment itself is effortless, we have come up with 3 easy regimens to flush fat and flatten your belly in order to get the most out of your treatment!

  1. Continue Flushing Fat with Water — Consuming enough water is important to your overall health, and it will also work wonders after UltraShape™. Since your body is working to naturally metabolize the fat cells after treatment, staying hydrated will help flush them away.
  2. Stay on Top of Your Diet— Like staying hydrated, a nutritious diet is vital to wellness. After UltraShape™, your body will be working hard to reduce the targeted fat cells. Make sure you’re avoiding high-fat foods, and instead choosing low-calorie alternatives. Maintaining a healthy diet will only make this process easier for your body and maximize treatment results.
  3. Keep fat off by Getting (or Remaining) Active — As a candidate for UltraShape™, it is likely you were already active prior to treatment. However, if you were not previously active, now is the time! Getting active will help the process go even smoother and keep the stubborn fat off. Your workouts can be as simple as taking a yoga class, going for a morning run, or even an evening walk!

Contact The G Spa to set up a consult, and see if UltraShape™ is right for you. There is no better feeling than taking the leap to become more comfortable with yourself.

Let us help you become slimmer and more confident!

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