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7 Things To Know About Laser Hair Removal

Forget the days of buying shaving cream and razors. Say good-bye to in-grown hairs, red bumps, razor nicks, and skin irritations. Think bigger than temporary fixes to a long-term annoyance. Laser hair removal is not a brand-new technology, but it has been growing in popularity as more and more people realize the benefits of the treatment.  

If you don’t like a certain section of stubborn body hair and never will, it’s time to consider a more permanent hair removal option. Whether you prefer minimal landscaping or a full top-to-tail removal, laser hair removal will help you reach your ideal style for good.  

It only takes a handful of appointments to get permanent hair growth reduction.  

No hair removal option is 100% permanent – but laser hair removal is as close as current technology allows. During the laser hair removal treatment, a laser emits a light energy that is converted to heat, which damages your hair follicles. The hair follicle damage can impede or delay hair growth in the future. After one appointment, you will see some minor improvements. After 3 appointments, you will notice a large change in hair growth in your targeted areas. For many, that’s all you need for 50%-90% permanent hair removal.  

The hair doesn’t fall out immediately, but when it does, it’s finer and more manageable. 

This hair removal method doesn’t have the instant gratification that waxing has, but the investment in your soft silky skin is sound. After your first appointment, your hair won’t start falling out for a week or two post-treatment. The hair will continue to fall out over the coming weeks, and with more treatments, will stay away.  

We all know the deal – once you start shaving a certain area, the hair starts growing back course, dark, and much more noticeable. It can be extremely annoying to deal with unmanageable unwanted hair. Enter laser hair removal! The longer you keep at appointments, the more manageable and tame your most stubborn areas become.  

Say Buh-Bye to ingrown hairs and all those other skin irritations. 

Painful red bumps or nicks from shaving. Itchy sensitive skin from hair removal creams. Scabbing from waxing. Chafing. The list goes on and on. Time to stop putting up with annoying side-effects to get smooth healthy skin. Laser hair removal takes long-term ingrown hairs and skin irritation out of the mix so you can just enjoy the good part. While there may be some mild redness after a laser hair removal treatment, it is fleeting and doesn’t stick around for the party.  

Laser treatment appointments are quick – and save you time in your daily routine. 

Many people seem to think that laser hair removal is an in-depth process, but appointments only take 20-30 minutes.  On top of that, laser hair removal saves you time every day in your shower routine. If you are someone who wants to shave head-to-toe every day to reach your preferred body hair amount, this treatment will seriously decrease the time you have to spend on your routine. Laser hair removal will cut down on how much stubborn hair to take care of and will increase that lovely time in-between shaves without sacrificing smoothness. 

There is zero need to grow your hair out in-between treatments. 

Everyone knows the deal with waxing and sugaring… while results last a long time, the buildup to your next appointment can be uncomfortable. Because you have to grow your hair to a certain length for waxing and sugaring to grab your hair and yank it out, there is that annoying stage where your hair is much longer than you prefer, but you still have weeks of growing to do before you can take care of it.  

With laser hair removal, live your best hair-free life! Breathe a sigh of relief because you can shave in between treatments. You can keep up with your preferred hair length routine while simultaneously taking care of your hair removal long-term. 

You can shave post-laser hair removal, but do NOT pluck! 

While laser hair removal gives you much more freedom to shave and take care of annoying hair in-between treatments, there are still some limitations to be aware of. Plucking hairs is a huge no-no when going through laser hair removal. Pulling out hair follicles post-treatment can be counterproductive to the hair removal process. To see the best results, your hair needs to fall out on its own. 

The clinician you choose matters. 

It’s not necessary to go to a doctor for this procedure, but choosing the right clinician is imperative to get the best possible results. Understanding your skin type before the treatment is a necessary step in the process and requires an expert opinion. Here at the G Spa we have the proper laser and training to safely treat all skin types with the best-possible technique. A doctor with a specialization in medical spa practices has the necessary experience to manage the intricacies of hair removal. These specialists have extensive knowledge of what laser would be the most productive for each skin type and have perfected the treatment for maximum comfort and results. 

Are you ready to get yourself out of a hairy situation? If you have any other questions or are looking for options for laser hair removal in Santa Barbara, reach out to our team

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