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Six Ways to Sculpt Your Arms Without Surgery

It doesn’t matter what your workout regimen is. Sometimes it feels like there is just no escaping the excess skin and fat on your upper arms. It can be annoying to feel and uncomfortable to show, which can be a buzzkill every time you pull out your favorite tank top.  

Ready for a change? Feeling firm, strong, and toned can put a spring in your step every time you flex your muscles. 

Here at the G Spa, we have several options to choose from when it comes to smoothing, tightening, and sculpting your body. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and specifically-designed applicators, treatments work especially well on arms. All of our options have helped our patients achieve amazing results, and our team can help choose the right treatment for your specific needs.  

Here are some treatments that empower you to exercise your right to bear beautiful, sculpted arms.  

EmSculpt Before/After


EmSculpt is a fan favorite that people keep coming back to because it can improve the look of arms of all shapes, sizes, and levels of muscle. Whether you’re looking for minor contouring to make your workouts pop or work to build a solid foundation of muscle, EmSculpt is a great option for all levels.   

EmSculpt not only helps you get rid of stubborn fat, but it also helps you to build muscle so you can have smooth, toned, strong arms. One single EmSculpt session stimulates thousands of muscle contractions, which is like squeezing dozens of arm workouts into a quick and easy 30-minute session.   

You will feel the results of your session after your very first treatment – many patients compare it to the satisfying feeling of finishing a good workout. Patients report positive, noticeable results to the treatment 2-4 weeks after the last session and continue to see improvements for several weeks.   

Hyperdilute Radiesse treatment before/after

Hyperdilute Radiesse

Thought fillers were just for erasing wrinkles on your face? Think again.   

Though Radiesse is commonly used as a filler, the objectives and results with this treatment are different. Traditional Radiesse injections “fill in” wrinkles for a smooth look. Hyperdilute Radiesse injections stimulate collagen production, so your body fills in treated areas itself.   

Radiesse is made from a naturally-occurring substance in your body, called calcium hydroxyapatite. Because it’s a naturally-occurring substance, introducing additional amounts of this increases a type of highly productive collagen that creates a long-term solution for loose skin. Patients who want to target crepey, sagging skin on upper arms could be a great candidate for Radiesse.   

Added bonus? It doesn’t take several treatments to see noticeable, impressive improvements from Hyperdilute Radiesse. Desired results can be achieved in as little as 2 treatments spaced a month apart.

TempSure Flexsure 

TempSure FlexSure has the world’s first wrappable Radio Frequency applicators, which means it offers benefits that no other treatment can. Thanks to the specific size and contouring of the tool, a short 15-minute session can treat all hard-to-reach areas on your arms. 

While FlexSure can improve the appearance of skin and underlying fat on many body parts, the applicator is sized specifically for arms and offers a streamlined, highly-effective treatment. Sessions are completely non-invasive and free from any pain or discomfort.  

FlexSure is also incredibly universal and safe on any skin type and various levels of muscle mass! So, no matter what you are working with or where you want to be, FlexSure can be a great option for you.  

Vivace Microneedling RF Before/After

Vivace Microneedling RF   

Microneedling isn’t just for your face! It can create impressive, lasting results for smooth and tight skin in many treatable areas, including upper arms.  

While fat burning and muscle gain are important, sometimes the real area for improvement is skin deep. Loose, crepey skin can make arms look older and less toned no matter how fit you are. If your main cause for discomfort is coming from loose and sagging skin, then the Vivace Experience could be the best option for you.  

Vivace Microneedling stimulates the collagen production in treated areas to make skin look plumper, firmer, and tighter.   

The collagen production continues to increase, so patients see improvements in the look of their skin long after they finish the initial sessions.  


“Off-label” Kybella injections are the perfect treatment for people who have a specific area they want to target. Common problem areas like the fat above elbows or armpits are known to see significant improvements from the fat freezing that Kybella can provide.   

Kybella treats stubborn fat in areas that aren’t easily altered by diet and exercise. While it’s most commonly used as a treatment to contour and melt fat around your chin and neck, it is just as productive in problem areas all over your body like above your knees, inner thighs, and armpits.   

The precise injection strategy ensures that the entire problem area is targeted in full to maximize visual results. Depending on the targeted area, we recommend 2-4 treatments spaced out 6 weeks apart.   

Alastin TransFORM
Alastin TransFORM Body Treatment Before/After

Alastin TransFORM Body Treatment  

Want to tighten and firm your skin on your own time?   

Alastin TransFORM Body treatments can be a great addition to your skincare routine in tandem with many of the above treatments to maximize results, but it packs a punch standalone as well.  

When added to your daily skincare routine, this magical serum uses a patented formula to support your skin’s natural production of elastin and collagen to tighten and firm skin.   

When used in tandem with a body-sculpting procedure, the Alastin TransFORM body treatment accelerates the body’s natural removal of fat cells to speed up and maximize the visual results of the treatment.  

Many Alastin TransFORM users start to see noticeable results after about 8 weeks of regular daily usage. Whether or not you try a body-sculpting procedure, this magic daily serum can make your arms (or any problem area you want to improve on) look younger and smoother. 

Open your arms to new styles, new activities, and new confidence! Depending on what you hope to achieve with your arm sculpting or tightening treatments, our team can help you feel stronger, more youthful, and more comfortable in your skin. To discuss the right treatment for you, give our team a call or set up a consultation appointment! 

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