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Common Areas for Laser Hair Removal: A Breakdown

No matter how you look at it – one thing is for sure. Laser hair removal is a great hair reduction strategy for those who want smooth, silky skin but don’t want to bother with daily hair removal routines. You can skip annoying ordeals like shaving, which leaves your skin feeling stubbly just a few hours later. Or, painful, less permanent waxing appointments that need to be scheduled month after month until the end of time. If you find yourself continuously spending time and money on these temporary fixes, it may be time to invest in a long-lasting solution.  

In just a few treatments, you can experience drastic hair reduction that is long-lasting and skips the stubble phase. But, each common area for laser hair removal has its quirks.   

Not all areas of your body react the same to laser hair removal. Whichever area you want to target, there are varying levels of discomfort, session length, treatment requirements, and overall results.  

To get the most out of your laser hair removal experience, you should tailor your expectations to the area you want to target.   

Here is a breakdown of common target body areas, so you can walk into your laser hair removal appointment feeling confident, prepared, and informed.  

Cheeks/Upper Lip/Chin  

For best results, laser hair removal on the face requires between 4-6 sessions about 6 weeks apart. These sessions tend to be on the shorter side because it is a smaller area to target.   

Facial hair may take longer to notice results because facial hair is more commonly in the rest phase, which is usually less influenced by laser hair removal than hair in the growth phase. Laser hair removal on the face is considered a great option for grooming and maintenance instead of 100% complete and permanent hair removal.   

Many patients experience medium levels of discomfort to facial hair removal and compare it to a rubber band being quickly snapped on your face. But for long-lasting results, our patients say the treatment is well worth any discomfort they experience.   


Whether you want to thin out your arm hair or make a big dent in the amount of hair growth, it doesn’t take much to see truly impressive improvements.   

Many patients see noticeable results after 3-6 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart. Treatments can be a bit longer depending on the number of hair follicles to target, how much of your arm you want to treat, and whether or not you are including treatment on hands and knuckles.   

Patients who receive laser hair removal on their arms report low levels of discomfort. The thickness of the skin means the treatment will be no sweat so you can just enjoy the benefits of smooth, silky limbs.  


Embrace tank tops, sundresses, and your favorite sleeveless styles with open (and smooth) underarms! Underarms can be a bit more involved and require more treatments due to the nature of the hair in this area. You will see noticeable results after 6-8 treatments spaced 2 months apart. Some even see lasting improvements in skin discoloration after a few treatments!  

Many people experience discomfort with underarm laser hair removal, due to the extra sensitive skin in this area. While it’s not a walk in the park, the results are so good that patients come running back anyway! 


Laser hair removal is an easy, lasting way to get rid of that persistent happy trail. With shaving, many people experience ingrown hairs and annoying red bumps, which is the last thing you want when sporting your cutest bikini. Skip the downsides of shaving and invest in a solution that lasts. 

Most patients see great lasting results after an average of 6 sessions. After that, you can just enjoy your crop tops and bathing suits without a care in the world!  

Because the skin is thicker in this area, most consider this treatment easy and effective. Many patients report a tickling sensation instead of true discomfort.   

Bikini line  

We love creativity, but when it comes to body hair, we want it to color within the lines. Many people struggle to keep up with a clean bikini line, and laser hair removal is the most permanent solution to this issue. You don’t need a standing monthly wax appointment to stay smooth. After just a few sessions, you will love your manageable and obedient bikini line.  

You can have amazing results from bikini line laser hair removal, but don’t expect 100% hair loss. Because the hair in this area is thick and course, it can drastically reduce the amount of hair, but most likely won’t get rid of 100% hair growth.  

For best results, most patients schedule 6-7 sessions, spread a month apart for lasting hair reduction. After that, you’ll embrace every surprise pool party you come across! 

Patients experience medium levels of discomfort during bikini area laser hair removal. For reference, many patients say that it is easier and much less painful than waxing, but does take quite a bit longer.   


Because leg hairs can be thicker and darker, you can experience drastic improvements after just a few treatments of laser hair removal. Say goodbye to the daily shave!   

You will experience noticeable results after 3-4 treatments. And great news! After the first initial treatments, it is easy to go longer between sessions so you don’t need to fill your schedule with appointments. Sessions for leg hair removal tend to be a bit longer than other areas because of the area your provider needs to cover.   

Most people experience low levels of discomfort with laser hair removal on legs. It’s a low pain, low risk, high rewards treatment that lasts!  

Are you ready to get yourself out of a hairy situation? If you have any other questions or are looking for options for laser hair removal in Santa Barbarareach out to our team! 

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