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Mineral Make-up – Magic Pixie Dust!

Mineral Make-up: Magic Pixie Dust!

Food & Home Magazine – Santa Barbara – Fall 2014

By Cynthia Grancourt – Freelance Health & Beauty Writer


You know how fairies and celebrities have that other-worldly glow about them?  As if Tinkerbell herself has showered them from the heavens with a star cluster of her magical pixie dust?  Well, that’s exactly what mineral make-up is like, fairy dust!  It may not make you fly, but your skin will have an ethereal luminescence like the goddess moon herself!  The J-Lo glow is largely due to the tiny bits of gleaming minerals that glisten under the starlight and gleam in the sunlight. The secret is in the micronized, light reflective minerals that shine with a radiance all their own.

Mineral make-up is nothing new, but it’s quality has become better and better over the years.  What has consistently attracted people to mineral make-up is that the formulas contain no harsh chemicals, no dyes, no talc, no alcohol, no mineral oil and no fragrance.  This pure mineral formula is rich with zinc, titanium, peptides, antioxidants and sun protection.  The benefits of this type of formula is that it doesn’t clog pores, cause breakouts or allergic reactions nor exacerbate existing skin concerns.  As a plus, many brands are totally earth conscious!  They’re vegan, paraben-free and cruelty free (no animal testing).

You might think you would have to sacrifice something, like style, for all these amazing benefits, but thankfully that’s not the case.  Mineral make-up comes in colorful palettes in all the latest shades and colors, so it’s not function over form.  The form is luxurious, healthy and stylish!  All of the make-up tools are represented from slick primers and gorgeous foundations to shimmery eye shadows and shiny happy lip colors.

Jill Valestrino, the lead esthetician at The G Spa here in Santa Barbara loves the Colorescience line she uses with her clients and remarks, “We are so excited to now be carrying the Color Science line. It has proven to not only be a leading mineral makeup but a skin care line as well, gentle enough to use post procedure. Our clients love the convenience of the dual brush/sunscreen as a go-to product, easy to keep in your purse and re-apply throughout the day”.

So make your entrance like the glitterati!  Scintillate and illuminate the vast expanse with your secret potion, the pixie dust from the woodland sprites themselves!

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