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Liquid Face Lift – No Surgery Required!

Liquid Face Lift – No Surgery Required

Food & Home Magazine – Santa Barbara – Summer 2012

By Cynthia Grancourt – Freelance Health & Beauty Writer

Male Face - Before & After

Dr. Griffin’s Patient Before/After – Liquid Face Lift

Going under the knife for a face-lift is no longer the only option for youthful facial rejuvenation. Invasive, painful plastic surgery requires a maximum amount of recovery time or what we call in the aesthetic industry, “downtime”. The latest developments regarding non-surgical sculpting and rejuvenation involve new cutting-edge applications of Botox and dermal fillers that produce the biggest bang for your buck with a bare minimum of downtime. You can turn back the clock five, ten, or even fifteen years within a week to ten days and see dramatic results.

There are several different dermal fillers that treat different areas of the face. Radiess produces amazing results for the deeper injections for the cheeks and the smile lines around the mouth. Juvederm produces gorgeous results for lip plumping Restylane is fantastic for under the eyes. With a combination of dermal fillers we can restore the skin to its youthful fullness.

With new ways to inject fillers and Botox, the procedures have become increasingly pain-free with minimal to no bruising.  Now, most fillers are combined with lidocaine, an aesthetic, to eliminate pain and new techniques such as ouchless needles and micro-cannulas help to minimize the initial injection and further minimize bruising.  Dr. Griffin, Medical Director of The G Spa notes, “The recent development of nearly painless techniques allow be to minimize wrinkles with Botox and sculpt a face artistically with volume-enhancing filler without much downtime. I love the new micro-cannulas.”

Medical Aesthetics has come a long way and we now have faster, safer and easier routes to take while minimizing the pain.  Perhaps the saying, “Beauty is pain” is becoming antiquated.  I sure hope so!

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