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Launching Our New Tattoo Removal Laser

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We are finally ready to launch our new Tattoo Removal Laser by Cynosure!

Style is constantly evolving. Tattoos that used to be trendy could now feel like a burden or an embarrassment. If this sounds familiar, a cosmetic laser treatment could be the perfect change for you! The G Spa’s new revolutionary laser by Cynosure gives you that second chance at pure beautiful skin.

This new state-of-the-art laser is a way to start fresh, bringing back the flawless look you remember. There are so many benefits for using the RevLite laser. It has 60% more power to remove even the most difficult tattoos. It is safe and effective on all skin types, and works with both black and multi-colored tattoos. People normally begin to really see a change and fade in their tattoos ranging from 5 to 15 sessions.

Most lasers only have two wavelengths, helping to fade the basic blues and blacks. Our advanced lasers contain four wavelengths to target a wide range of colors. It works with blue, black, red, orange, purple, and even the difficult to treat green and sky blue. We are promoting the most developed technology that removes your tattoos both safely and effectively.

The G Spa is currently offering an introductory deal for 20% off all tattoo packages. Sounds amazing right?  Call now for a free tattoo removal consultation!

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