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Cosmetic Laser – A Magic Wand

Cosmetic Laser – A Magic Wand

Food & Home Magazine – Santa Barbara – Spring 2014

By Cynthia Grancourt – Freelance Health & Beauty Writer


As the Aesthetic Industry grows exponentially in it’s sophisticated sorcery, Cosmetic Laser is taking the lead as the most promising and most advanced of all treatment options available.  By now you’ve heard whisperings in the news regarding all the multi-faceted uses for lasers such as advanced weaponry in our military and scientific applications such as nuclear fusion, but lasers have a powerful capacity to heal and restore as well as destroy.  Lasers are used for eye surgery and general surgery, restoring hair loss, tooth whitening, and our focus here, aesthetic applications.

Laser has come a long way since it’s invention in 1958 and the advancements and implications for cosmetic uses are staggering.  Take three of the top-of-the-line lasers, for instance, available now by Cynosure, the Precision TX, the RevLite SI and the Elite MPX.  Between these three systems, you can even your skin tone and correct your complexion with the Yag laser or IPL, remove your tattoos, tighten your skin, remove brown spots and remove body hair from, well, anywhere. You can also do a LazerLift neck lift purely with lasers, no scalpels, with no scarring and minimal downtime!  With one fell swoop, one can “wave the magic wand” with laser and see a tremendous improvement and result with an almost photoshop effect.  The wizards of aesthetic wonder have worked diligently to provide us with state-of-the-art solutions to our aesthetic challenges in a safe, quick, easy and virtually painless way.

Dr. Griffin, Medical Director of The G Spa, Santa Barbara, uses all three of these Cynosure lasers in her practice and notes, “We have been admirably impressed with the results, speed and versatility of these three lasers.  While I acquired the Revlite SI principally for tattoo removal, we have found it to do a remarkable job at skin rejuvenation and tightening, an effect we were not expecting!”

As a child, watching the sci-fi black and white movies on Saturday morning, such as “War of the World’s”, it seemed incredulous to me in my child’s mind to fathom that lasers would actually become such an integral part of our everyday life with so many uses ranging from medical to military to scientific to commercial.   But it’s true!  The future has firmly arrived and just in time (for me at least!).  We can be thankful for the multiplicity of ways that lasers serve us all and as far as beauty is concerned, Cosmetic Laser truly is the magic wand.

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