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Bye Bye Father Time!

Food & Home Magazine – Santa Barbara – Fall 2013

By Cynthia Grancourt – Freelance Health & Beauty Writer


face of woman and orchid

If you could safely, easily and inexpensively turn back the hands of time, would you do it? Well, one of the hottest new aesthetic procedures on the market is the LazerLift ™ and turning back Father Time is precisely what it does. Safely. Easily. Inexpensively. This cutting edge procedure is laser face and neck lift technology at it’s finest; a minimally invasive solution to aging that is as smooth and streamlined as a sleek, black Aston Martin.

Gone are the days of scalpels, stitches, scars and massive amounts of “down time”.
The traditional facelift has gone the way of the dinosaur because, really, who wants to deal with the risk, high costs and long recovery, not to mention the bruising and swelling? Especially when one can achieve a similar result with revolutionary laser technology?

Advanced laser technology is more powerful than ever, and has the capability to nip and tuck, no sutures required, no scars to bear. Wow! How far we’ve has come! The magic of this procedure is that it tightens and lifts the lower face, smooths wrinkles and restores the youthful curve to the neck. That means no more turkey neck! No more jowls! No more sagging jawlines! Your sleek, smooth jawline is restored, with improvement of the wrinkles and fine lines. An added benefit is that LazerLift ™ will continue to lift and tighten skin, long after the procedure is over by stimulating the ongoing formation of collagen.

Dr. Kathleen Griffin, Medical Director of The G Spa Medical Spa notes, “LazerLift ™ is one of the most gratifying surgeries that I have learned to master since medical school. The results are phenomenal, beginning on day one and increasing over the course of a year. The fact that it is done with almost no pain during or after only adds to the remarkable nature of this procedure.”

Going under the knife can be a daunting, risky and expensive venture, especially when you consider general aesthesia, hospital stays and extended recovery times. It’s really a no-brainer to choose the safety, ease and economics of laser technology in this brilliant and magnificent world of science that is ever changing and exponentially growing with rapid ascendancy.

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