Weight Loss

Weight Loss


Forget everything you think you know about weight loss programs and diet medications…

And begin the SAFEST and STATISTICALLY MOST EFFECTIVE medical weight loss program available.

Now offering FDA approved weight loss medications that truly work: Qsymia, Contrave and Belviq!

Hear What Others Are Saying About The G Spa Weight Loss Program

Do you have a slow metabolism and have trouble losing weight no matter what you do?
Have you lost weight and then had trouble keeping it off?
Do you hate “dieting,” and the way it makes you feel….cranky, weak, hungry??
Would you like a program where there is no feeling of deprivation and no obsessing about food?
Would you be willing to take a medication that helps to give you energy, reduces your appetite, makes you feel full easily and at the same time lowers your blood pressure and your blood sugar?
Would you like a program where it is “EASY to lose weight”?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you should give the G Spa Medical Weight Loss Program a try.

weight loss: before and after
weight loss: before and after
before and after: weight loss
before after - Gspa

Frequently Asked Questions

This weight loss program is offered to male and female patients ages 18-75 with a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 30 kg/m2 or roughly those who are greater than 20% over ideal body weight, or a BMI of 27kg/m2 with a medical problem such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol.

Small doses of phentermine and topiramate are used to decrease appetite, maintain a sense of fullness with consumption of smaller volumes of food, while maintaining good energy.  If for some reason a patient cannot take phentermine and topiramate, we will recommend a trial of Belviq or Contrave.

In the clinical studies most patients lost 10% of their body weight in 12 months using Qsymia, but many patients lose weight much faster than that, often 5% of their body weight in 8 weeks. This translates roughly into a weight loss of 1-2 lbs per week. Results may vary.

Both phentermine and topiramate decrease appetite, but the topiramate has further central effects on the brain to give one a sense of fullness after eating smaller amounts of food, and it also seems to decrease obsessing about food.  It also slightly changes one’s sense of smell and therefore perception of the “taste” and desire for certain foods.

The combination is brilliant in that the phentermine staves off any sedative effect of the topiramate, allowing the appetite suppression effect of both drugs to work extremely well, using very small dosages of each drug.  Sometimes 1 +  1 does = 3!!

The most common side effect is numbness and tingling of the hands and feet, which responds to increasing water consumption.  We try to keep the dosage as low as we can to avoid side effects, yet we want the medication to curb your appetite and be effective.

Although some people feel these side effects for the first 1-3 days, most people feel fine after that, as the phentermine stimulatory effects are balanced out by the topiramate sedative effects. Thus an effective appetite suppression effective is able to be maintained with small doses of each component.

No.  Phen-Fen involved the use of phentermine plus fenfluramine.  Fenfluramine was found to cause aortic valve disease and pulmonary hypertension and was withdrawn from the market in 1997. Phentermine has been FDA approved, found to be safe, and has been used since  1959.

Although phentermine BY ITSELF raises blood pressure, topiramate is a mild diuretic, a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor, and lowers blood pressure, so the net effect is a lowering of BP.  Qsymia has been studied in patients with hypertension and during the study their BP went down.  Often anti-hypertensive medications have to be reduced in dosage if BP becomes too low!

Topiramate actually lowers blood sugar and stabilizes it.  Qsymia also has been studied in patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and resulted in significant weight loss and improvement in blood sugars.

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