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Top Botox Myths Debunked

Despite its exploding popularity, many people still don’t really understand BOTOX. It’s well-known as one of the best anti-aging options on the market, but it’s also widely feared. Some of us wonder if Botox is dangerous, painful, or can be over-the-top.

The truth is, if you choose an experienced Botox provider, you have nothing to fear! Allow us to debunk some of the top Botox myths that are still out there…


Botox is indeed made from botulinum toxin, a bacteria which can cause deadly food poisoning. Just 1 gram of botulinum toxin is enough to kill thousands of people when ingested.

The Truth? Although it’s derived from a toxin, Botox itself is NOT a toxin.

If you’re exposed to contaminated foods, botulinum toxin can be deadly. But the botulinum toxin that can kill humans is not what you’ll find in Botox Cosmetic.

The key is the dosage. BOTOX contains only 0.73 nanograms of botulinum toxin (one nanogram is one billionth of a gram).

Most anything is harmful or even lethal in the wrong quantities – even water – and certainly most of the medications that we take every day.

The formula in Botox injections contains the tiniest quantity of botulinum toxin. It paralyzes the muscles only at the precise points of injection.

Botox was approved by the FDA in 2002, and it has seen great success since then. In fact, between the years of 1989 and 2003 (that’s 14 years and millions of injections), only 36 adverse reactions to Botox were reported. Even within those 36, there are stipulations – for example, questions about therapeutic vs. cosmetic use and pre-existing health conditions in these individuals). Rest assured that the FDA continues to enforce injection dosages to this day.


You’ve heard it. “Everyone who gets Botox ends up looking the same” or “People who get Botox look frozen.” Etc., etc.

The Truth? Your face will still have movement after Botox!

While Botox relaxes muscle movement, your face will be far from frozen. You probably have multiple friends and acquaintances who get Botox regularly – you just can’t tell! If you get Botox from an experienced injector, you will still look exactly like yourself after treatment… just with fewer wrinkles.

A good injector knows exactly how much Botox to use and where to use it in order to smooth out your skin while leaving a little wiggle room for your muscles to keep making expressions. If you have seen someone with a truly “frozen” look, Botox is NOT to blame. They may have had an overdone facelift or received an excessive amount of or misplaced Botox from an inexperienced injector.


Needles near the face always sound a little scary, even if they are ultra-fine. But some people walk around believing that Botox is a downright painful procedure, and can’t believe anyone would put themselves through it — even with the great results!

The Truth? A Botox injection isn’t any more painful than a little pinch — some report they hardly feel it!

Botox injections are not as painful as they may sound. Here at The G Spa, we can apply ice or a topical anesthetic before treatment to numb the area for your comfort, however, most patients won’t even need or want that! We also use ultra-fine needles, which are quite painless. Think about it… we don’t even get those luxuries when we have a medical vaccine or blood draw!

Don’t Let These Botox Myths Scare You Away From Amazing Results!

Now that we’ve put the top 3 Botox myths to rest, you can begin considering the incredible anti-aging results you can achieve with this treatment!

If you have any more questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at the G Spa. We have over 23 years of combined experience with injectables, including Botox, and we love this unparalleled anti-aging tool. Perfect for both men and women, Botox is safe, comfortable, and incredibly effective at helping you look your best!

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