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How to Choose a Medical Spa in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara medical spa

Medical spas provide a one-stop opportunity for both health and cosmetic treatments. As a patient, you can expect an experience somewhere between a day spa and a clinic, depending on the location. Common services include laser hair removal, injectables such as Botox and fillers, weight loss programs, chemical peels, and skin rejuvenation treatments.

With all of the options available, and all sorts of med spas advertising services, how do you know where to go? Consider the following when searching for a medical spa you can trust.


How long has the medical spa been in business? What are their credentials (i.e. are they medical professionals?). Typically a medical doctor has to oversee the procedures, but does he/she own the spa? Are they on the premises, doing procedures or are they just ‘lending’ their name to the facility? Some states do not require doctors to be on-site!

In addition to who owns and operates the medical spa, ask about who will be doing your procedure. What is the licensing and training of the people actually carrying out the services?


Have they received awards? How good are their reviews? We want to answer the question: Can I trust them? Award badges and testimonials should be easily found on their website. If they don’t have any, ask why not or keep looking. Be sure to also check out other sources for reviews and information.


What does the med spa offer? Can they do what you need? Do they offer treatments that may interest you in the future? It’s also helpful to ask about when you will see results.

How many treatments are needed? This is a hard one since people respond differently but ask the doctor what the general process is – how many treatments you’ll need, how frequently, and what to do to maintain results. Other factors that might be important to you when choosing your service: being prepared. Ask about length of treatment, pain, follow-up care, and side effects.


Do they use the latest technology? Med spa treatment can be pricey, mainly because the equipment used is expensive. Technology is constantly changing so it’s important to make sure your chosen medical spa uses the latest and best equipment for your desired treatment. Do a bit of independent research to make sure the med spa isn’t just pushing you towards a treatment because they’ve invested in the machinery.


Are they in my community? Are they conveniently located? In Santa Barbara, I’m looking for easy access and if I need to drive, parking. Mobile services can be convenient but they can also change quickly so having an established, physical location is preferred.


Are they successful at what they do? Before moving forward with any cosmetic treatment, ask to see other patient results. Do they have real before and after photos? Again, these types of photos should be prominently displayed (or at least easily found) on their website and social platforms.


Finding the best med spa fit doesn’t have to be difficult. Ask the right questions to ensure a safe and comfortable experience – and beautiful results!

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