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As active members of the Santa Barbara community, we’re proud to share our testimonials and recent media with all. See below all the latest and please know, we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be of service and we thank you for your kind comments.

The G Spa Testimonials

5-Star Testimonials
“Thank you so much! I can’t even begin to tell you how much you have changed my life in just one visit. I really appreciate all the time you spent with me and for just caring.”
-Jen C. Lompoc, CA

5-Star Testimonials
“The Vitalize peel is absolutely the best! The quality, texture and overall appearance of my skin has dramatically improved. Plus, I love using the Skin Medica Recovery Complex you introduced me to. Thanks to all of you at The G Spa for keeping my skin looking amazing!”
-Nancy T. Santa Barbara, CA

5-Star Testimonials
“Dr. G and her staff are supportive, understanding and encouraging, and give practical advice in a safe confidential environment. I have tried other weight loss programs, which did not work for me. This program REALLY works! The results are amazing! I lost weight quickly and I feel like a new person with more energy and excitement for life. I love the compliments from my family and buying a smaller dress size makes shopping fun again!”
-Lisa R., Santa Barbara, CA

5-Star Testimonials
“I’ve trusted Dr. Griffin as my primary care Doctor for many years. She is the best, bar none. What most people don’t know is that her medical spa has cutting edge technology, treatments and products, which cost far less than other medical spas. I am very happy with my Botox treatments and Latisse products. I prefer receiving medical spa treatments and advice from women who really understand my issues and concerns. Also, her nurses and staff rock!”
-Tamara L., Santa Barbara, CA

5-Star Testimonials
I was super afraid to try Botox because I didn’t want to look weird. Thank you, Dr. Griffin! I so appreciate the fact that you didn’t over do it! I feel like I look so much fresher. The fact that you took your time with me and used arnica to eliminate any bruising was just the extra attention I was hoping for. Now I have to plan my visits to Santa Barbara around my need for Botox, ha ha. I can’t believe I waited so long to look SO MUCH better. Thank you thank you!”
-Tracy H., Danville, CA

5-Star Testimonials
“Thank you Dr. Griffin, it may sound silly but I just love my sexy pout! I felt sexier instantly with my Juvederm!”
-Lila R., Santa Barbara, CA

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“Dear Dr Griffin, Thank you for being so thoughtful and understanding. You have always taken the extra time to address any concerns I may have and give the best care of any doctor in Santa Barbara.”
–Rita R., Santa Barbara, CA
“Thank you Dr. Griffin and The G Spa! My lashes have gone nuts, I had no idea Latisse would work so well. Loving my lashes! Yay.”
–Ann H., Santa Barbara, CA
happy woman
“The G Spa was recommended to me by a friend for their microdermabrasion treatment. I was hesitant at first due to my problem skin but after my first treatment, I’m thrilled with my skin and the treatment. My skin has never looked more clear, youthful and smooth. I have now become a regular and want to try all the wonderful therapies they have to offer!”
–Amber H., Santa Barbara, CA

5-Star Testimonials

“Dr. Griffin, I just wanted to say thank you for your warm and compassionate demeanor. You have such gracious and caring bedside manners. You listen, you brainstorm, you build rapport and communicate so effectively. It is such a pleasure and so refreshing to be treated by someone of your caliber and empathy.”

–Noelle H., Santa Barbara, CA


“Dr Griffin, Thank you for being one of the most thorough Physicians and I appreciate that you have never given me the feeling that you are too busy for one more question. Your office staff reflects the good that always starts at the top!!!! A very happy patient…”

–Carolyn N., Santa Barbara, CA

“Dear Dr. Griffin; You have not only been a great doctor, but you were the first one that really listened to me regarding my thyroid issue. I will be forever grateful to you for all your expertise, wisdom and tremendous “bed side” manner. You are a treasure.”
–Stacie A., Santa Barbara, CA
“Dr. Griffin, Thank you for taking care of me and having such a great spirit and sense of humor. Now… think of yourself in the warm waters of Maui. Aloha…”
–Faye H., Santa Barbara, CA
“Dr. Griffin, How many years ago did I meet you? I’m too embarrassed to think… we’ll just forget. But you were, always have been and still are the BEST Doctor on the planet as well as a kick ass woman! Love you and appreciate you always.”
–Judy A., Santa Barbara, CA

“Dr. Griffin, ‘Let’s be honest: Women’s health needs are different from those of men. Symptoms of heart disease and thyroid disease in female patients, for example, don’t always match those in males—and conditions such as menopause are unique to women. Physicians who are attuned to the particular needs of female patients are likely to give better care, and better care means better health for women and their families.’ — Dr. Griffin, this is you in a nutshell. Because of you – your compassion, and understanding of my “crazy” symptoms, I am able to have a much more productive and meaningful life. You listen to me… really listen to me, and that is a gift. Thank you for “doctoring” me.”

–Pam G., Santa Barbara, CA

“Being healthy and active was not enough to keep my skin from sagging, and the skin on my arms being loose drove me nuts. Dr. Griffin, you have truly changed my life. The NIA skin strengthening complex coupled for the RevLite laser treatment you did has transformed my skin. Several of my massage clients have noticed the change without me saying a word — the results are AMAZING! My dermatologist has asked me what I had done because she can’t believe the difference in my skin’s elasticity. I cannot thank you enough.”
–Mary M., Santa Barbara, CA
“Dear Dr. Griffin, Every time I leave your office and am walking down the stairs to my car I realize I feel really good – happy and glowing. I then realize it’s because I have felt completely listened to and my concerns and needs have all been addressed. I’m so happy to have found such an intelligent, compassionate and gifted doctor. Best wishes to you and your wonderful staff for a wonderful year.”
–Sharon F., Santa Barbara, CA
“Dr Griffin, Just a small thank you for your sincere interest in women and women’s health. I think you are such an outstanding doctor because of your intelligence and curious nature, and the desire to seek out the answers to the “why” questions that are so puzzling. You are special and we are all fortunate to have you in our lives.”
–Madlyn M., Goleta, CA

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